Unhappy Hippos

We took Toerless' Hippos hostage until he returns to Erlangen.
We'll execute one hostage every week.

The story so far:

Friday, Mar 20, 1998
Hero Hippo was the first. See his torture at the stake.
Friday, Apr 3, 1998
After the tragic death of Marylin's friend Hero and the continued neglect shown by Daddy Toerless she decides that life makes no more sense. She just can't take it any more. Crying out "Toerless, why? Oh why didn't you come back to me??" she climbs to the top of the blue tower and advances to the edge of the building...
Friday, Apr 17, 1998
Bogey mourning the loss of Marylin despairs and tries to find salvation in large quantities of alcohol. After downing several pints of whiskey he decides to take revenge on Toerless and climbs down the table. But as everyone knows: Alcohol and road traffic don't mix well...
Friday, May 8, 1998
The Reschisseur was trapped by the special effects crew.
Friday, May 29, 1998
Mr. Camera gets a chopped job.
Friday, Jul 17, 1998
A still animation.

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